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Artificial Grass Installation Artificial Turf Installation in Colorado

Artificial grass that is durable and authentic-looking.  That’s what you get from Hughes Landscaping.  Specializing in artificial grass for residential properties, all artificial turfs we use are environmentally friendly and contain no lead.

Hughes Landscaping is a family-owned business serving customers in the Parker, Castle Rock and Elizabeth, Colorado, area for over 30 years.  We bring extensive landscape design expertise to your artificial turf project.  Whatever your need, we have the artificial turf for the job.  The artificial grass products that we install look and feel like real blades of grass and are tested and proven to hold up to the extreme temperature swings we have here in Colorado.

Artificial Grass Saves You Time and Money

When they picture it in their head, some people still conjure up visions of artificial grass from the ’70’s.  Or they picture the indoor/outdoor carpet that you buy at a big box store.  But artificial grass products have been transformed over the years.  Newer technology allows you to have beautiful, green lawn areas with the look and feel of real grass down to the individual blade.  All without the hassle of “grow and mow”.   As a result, you won’t have to worry about making time after work or on weekends to mow.  No more changing your schedule to fertilize and mow “when the weather looks good”.  No getting that huge water bill in August and worrying about wasting water or getting a surcharge on your water bill.  In other words, you save time and money.

Artificial turf is both kid and pet friendly.  Truly perfect “grass” with no pesticides necessary.

Used for a wide variety of applications, our artificial grass projects include:

  • Putting greens for golfing
  •  Pet Runs
  •  Lawns
  • Artificial turf for sports fields, playgrounds, and beyond!

Hughes Landscaping has the experience and the knowledge to properly install all types of artificial turf. As a landscaping company, we pride ourselves on our quality of work including our successful designs and installations. Hughes Landscaping guarantees your artificial grass material for up to 9 years after installation.

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