“I just wanted to thank you and the whole team at Hughes! The guys came to do the spring clean-up today and clear out the two old garden beds. They did an excellent job at cutting back all the grasses and all the yard clean up, and they completely removed all the dirt from the garden beds, which is awesome! No more dirty cat poop in our yard from our neighbor’s cats now, thank you! Our yard hasn’t looked this nice in years.

Also the guys did it in record time. They got here a little before 2 pm and they were done by 3 pm. That is impressive! I worked on landscaping crews for over a decade and have done landscaping with my Mom since I was a kid. I have done it all, pruning, mowing, transplanting, trees, hardscaping, all of it. I know today was not an easy job for the guys, but they made it look easy!

Thank you for sending such professional hard working guys to do the job. Please pass my sincere thank you to all the guys that were here today!”

One happy customer,

~Ryan Callahan


“In today’s hectic world, I don’t normally take the time to write a letter such as this. However, I felt compelled to let you know what outstanding workmanship, service and value I received from your firm. Having been in the commercial construction business for thirty-eight years, I know the difference from bad, average and good. The plant material and craftsmanship on this project was exceptional.

I found all of your men to be dependable, hardworking and extremely knowledgeable. Specifically, David, Alex, Arron, Greg along with Antonio paid attention to detail and it shows. I was especially impressed with Alex’s design ability, enthusiasm and dedication.

From the initial concept to final completion, your firm exceeded my every expectation and your entire team should be commended.

Lastly and most importantly; it”s human nature that anytime you spend money of any significance, you feel you paid too much. However, I’m proud to report that’s not the case as I feel I received an excellent value for my investment dollar. I truly appreciate your entire organization’s commitment to the landscape industry.”

~Frank B.


“Just enjoyed our first evening on the new patio.  We love how everything turned out.  Please express our utmost appreciation to Angel and his crew – they did a wonderful job on the project and were attentive to every detail as they put the final touches on the project.  They were also very professional and represented Hughes Landscaping well.  We appreciate their hard work and commitment to a first class project.”

~Paul M.


“The lights look great – Greg did a super job! He’s such a nice kid, thanks for sending him out. We are really please with everything you guys have done, the landscaping looks amazing!”

~Marlene B.


“Just had to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with the work you and your company have done for me! I don’t have any plants planted yet and it still looks fabulous…nice job! I would also like to compliment the fact that you actually return calls and in a timely manner. It has been very refreshing to work with you and your great sense of humor. I cannot wait to work with you on the backyard and see your plans. I have worked with many contractors and you set the bar high! Please pass this along to your bosses, you deserve the recognition.”

Thanks again,

~Robin Larson


“We really appreciate what you did for us and for working us into your schedule. Our pond looks better than it ever has and it doesn’t leak! The two fellows that fixed our pond were very professional and did an outstanding job.”

Thank you,

~The Brenneis


“I take great pleasure in writing this letter regarding our recent experience with your company. Both my wife and I were very impressed with every aspect of our spring landscaping project. The design, installation, and follow through that Dave, L.J. and his crew provided us was wonderful. There were some minor problems, but one phone call was all it took for them to be corrected.

Customer Service is so important and Dave and your staff understands this. All businesses have problems, but the companies that handle them quickly and efficiently are the ones that deserve loyalty and respect, Hughes certainly has earned ours.

Over the past thirty years I have owned several companies, and I know that good employees like yours are hard to find and keep. Our experience with Hughes was so positive because of your friendly and knowledgeable office and field staff.

We are looking forward to working with you again.”

Thank you,

~The Salerno’s


“My husband and I wanted to include a letter with our check regaling our satisfaction with Hughes Landscaping. It was such a pleasure working with Dave Bucknam. He possesses many skills that made our interaction with him not only very professional, but personal as well. He is a young man with good communication skills. He is very customer service oriented. He called frequently while we were wintering in Arizona beginning in early March before our project took place in May. He always returned phone calls and followed up with service and delivery of plants and equipment. Dave is extremely knowledgeable about soil, plants and landscape design. He demonstrates a great customer service philosophy as exemplified by his willingness to go above and beyond expectations to satisfy us by personally delivering and replanting flowers which did not survive the spring frost. He is a man of his word. As a former teacher of Dave’s it is gratifying to see him after two decades. I found out what a fine passionate and professional young man he has become.

Chuck and I wish you continued success with your company. Should our property have more landscaping needs we will not hesitate to call Hughes. We will also highly recommend your landscaping firm to friends and neighbors.”

Thank you,

~The Vitaska’s


“We were very pleased with the work provided by Hughes Landscaping in July 2005. The rock, mulch, and contours created a beautiful setting on the hilltop and it has already decreased our yard work dramatically. Not only were we satisfied with the final product but we appreciated the workers who accomplished the long and arduous job.

Eddie, Victor, Juan and Antonio minimized the tension and confusion that can result from such a large and lengthy job. They were professional, courteous, respectful, and sociable. When there was a problem, Eddie and Victor were quick to call each other and/or Dave, which assured us that there was always communication and understanding among the people who were involved with the project, coordination with change orders, and an acceptable solution quickly to be found.

It was obvious that Eddie is motivated to increase his skills and move upward to more responsibility. He was diligent, attentive to our concerns and requests, and pleasant to work with. There is no limit to where Eddie’s drive for self-improvement can take him.

Victor’s can-do attitude alleviated our concerns when anything broke. He was able to fix anything! When I came up with an additional project, he never groaned. He developed camaraderie among the other workers and it appeared that he, Juan, and Antonio very much enjoyed working with one another. Victor takes pride in his work, never tires, goes the extra mile in meeting the wishes of the client and was gracious when Copperfield ate his lunch!

Juan sang in 100 degree weather while he shoveled rock! When we brought him watermelon, he didn’t slow down for a break, but kept one hand on the tractor steering wheel and the other one holding the watermelon. Even when he was the only one on the job, he did not shirk his duty, but worked hard until the final moment. His good nature is to everyone’s benefit.

Antonio worked hard, never complained, quickly moved to another task when needed, and worked diligently even when he was off working alone.

These four men give Hughes Landscaping a good name and a positive face. They are an attribute to the Hispanic community and their families can be proud of them.”

Thank you,

~The Penner’s


“My husband and I spent some time in the back yard this weekend and we were commenting to each other what a great job you did with our yard. I thought I’d write a quick note to let you know how incredibly pleased we are with the design & the installation. It’s been two years now & we think it looks great – we both love it.”


~The Ziegler’s